Booking Enquiry

Whether you want to book a water taxi for now or for later you can be sure that when you travel with Barrenjoey Water Taxis we will exceed your expectations with our friendly, reliable water taxi service.

Departure & pickup locations

Barrenjoey Water Taxis offers seamless, in your own time travel between Pittwater and beyond.

Pickup & drop off times

Barrenjoey Water Taxis are available to book Monday - Sunday from 07:30 AM - 5:00 PM. If you require a booking outside of these times, please call our team.

Pricing & availability

Please complete enquiry form or call our team for a quote. If you require a taxi in the next 24 hours please call the team.

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Thanks so much for your enquiry. Our team will be in touch with you asap with a quote.

Service that'll make you smile

Experienced skipper

Barrenjoey Water Taxis is professional, reliable and safe.

Fast, flexible & reliable

Travel on your own terms. No need to wait for a ferry - just book a Barrenjoey Water Taxi and you are off and away to your next destination.

Booking is Easy!

Booking a water taxi with us is easy. Simple send us an enquiry, our give our friendly team a call for a quote.

Committed to safety

We are committed to working to create a safe environment for all of our passengers